Questions for Labour leadership candidates from grassroots women’s and LGB organisations in Wales

Together with our friends in WRN Wales, LGB Alliance Cymru, WomenZone and the Gay Men’s Network, we wrote the following letter to Vaughan Gething and Jeremy Miles.

As groups that have been excluded from the development of policies and action plans that affect us, we wanted to know if a new Welsh Labour leader and First Minister would signal a change in approach.

We believe that these questions are critical to understanding the willingness of both candidates to listen to viewpoints from beyond the usual organisations that are called on to contribute to policy. For our supporters who are Welsh Labour Party members, this could be a deciding factor in who they choose to vote for.

So far, we have not received a response from either candidate.

Questions for leadership candidates from grassroots women’s and LGB organisations in Wales

In view of your candidature in the forthcoming election for the leadership of Welsh Labour and the next First Minister for Wales, we would be grateful if you could answer the following questions which have been jointly agreed by the undersigned women’s and LGB organisations in Wales.

Please note that we intend to publish the answers received, or if we receive no response we will make that fact public.

  1. If elected, do you commit to protecting the sex-based rights of women and girls in line with the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 and to widening accurate public understanding of those rights?
  2. If elected, will you protect and promote the Equality Act 2010 rights that lesbians and gay men have to be same-sex attracted and not to be denigrated or abused for asserting that right?
  3. Do you believe that children and young people should be appropriately supported through the challenges of puberty without being encouraged into choices which cannot be undone?
  4. If elected, do you commit to listening to a plurality of women’s and LGB voices and to meeting with organisations, including those listed below, in your first three months in office?

We would be grateful for a response at your earliest convenience. We will be updating our members and supporters, many of whom are Welsh Labour Party members, regarding your replies on 19 January 2024.

Yours sincerely

Ruth Dineen, Merched Cymru

Cathy Larkman, Women’s Rights Network (Wales)

Sarah Tanburn, Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Alliance Cymru

Mary Douglas, WomenZone

Jonathan Hayward, Gay Men’s Network