Legal expert says trans toolkits in schools breach human rights and equality law

A ‘trans toolkit’ in use in Brighton and Hove has been identified as in breach of human rights and equality law. Toolkits based on the same template were formally adopted by the Vale of Glamorgan Council earlier this year and are provided to schools in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot by the West Glamorgan Safeguarding Board.

The legal opinion from Karon Monaghan KC, an expert in discrimination law, sets out how the toolkit misleads schools about their legal obligations and directs them to act unlawfully. As well as putting children at risk of harm, schools following the toolkit risk legal action. Continue reading “Legal expert says trans toolkits in schools breach human rights and equality law”

Merched Cymru responds to the Cass Report

We welcome the release today of the final report of the independent review of gender identity services for children and young people, commissioned by NHS England and chaired by Dr Hilary Cass. It is a very substantial piece of work, four years in the making, and we’ll respond more fully to its research and recommendations in due course. While some of the findings were anticipated, it is nevertheless shocking to see the facts in print. Continue reading “Merched Cymru responds to the Cass Report”

Welsh schools and trans guidance – hung out to dry

Merched Cymru’s research shows how schools in Wales are compromising children’s safety and well being, and exposing themselves to the risk of legal challenge. In the absence of clear, legally compliant guidance from Welsh Government on making decisions regarding gender distressed or questioning pupils, schools are taking widely varying approaches, and often reaching for toolkits from transgender campaigning organisations that have already been withdrawn following legal challenge.

Download the full report:

“Hung Out To Dry: The impact of Welsh Government inaction on gender distressed children, their families and their schools.”

The report is based on Freedom of Information requests to a representative sample of schools across Wales, and one-to-one interviews with parents, teachers and other school staff. Continue reading “Welsh schools and trans guidance – hung out to dry”

A new Vale of Glamorgan Transgender Toolkit – still putting children at risk

While waiting for the long-delayed Welsh national guidance, the Vale of Glamorgan has pressed ahead with adopting its own transgender toolkit for schools. While it’s a huge improvement on the previous version, adopted in 2018, it still suggests that social transition (changing a child’s name, pronouns and access to opposite sex spaces and sports, and treating them as if they had changed sex) should be available on a case by case basis.

Parents and schools need to ask – who’s taking responsibility for such decisions and their consequences? Continue reading “A new Vale of Glamorgan Transgender Toolkit – still putting children at risk”