Merched Cymru is a grassroots group of ordinary women from across Wales who are working to protect and strengthen the sex-based rights of women and girls.

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Mixed sex toilets in Wales’ schools

New and refurbished school buildings across Wales are imposing mixed sex toilet facilities on children. These toilets are not compliant with the law, and present considerable problems, particularly for girls.

Merched Cymru’s research shows that 15% of Welsh secondary schools surveyed have only mixed sex toilet provision, with many more having some or most of their provision in mixed sex blocks with shared handwashing facilities, which are not compliant with the regulations.

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Trans inclusion approaches in Wales’ schools

Merched Cymru’s research shows how schools in Wales are compromising children’s safety and wellbeing, and exposing themselves to the risk of legal challenge.

In the absence of clear, legally compliant guidance from Welsh Government on making decisions regarding gender distressed or questioning pupils, schools are taking widely varying approaches, and often reaching for toolkits from transgender campaigning organisations that have already been withdrawn following legal challenge.

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What are Welsh schools teaching about sex, gender and sexuality?

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) is compulsory in Wales and parents are not able to withdraw their children from these lessons. Each school has been asked to develop their own curriculum in consultation with parents, carers, and with children and young people. This is a sensitive subject area that needs to be handled carefully. Information needs to be scientifically and legally accurate and safeguarding must always be paramount.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, particularly when schools use third-party providers and external resources.

We have concerns about resources being used. Many providers take an ideological rather than an evidence-based approach to issues of sex and gender, suggesting for example that there are more than two sexes, that sex is a social construct and that the concept of gender identity is an established fact rather than a highly contested view with no basis in law or science. Many resources are age-inappropriate. Some providers ignore or misrepresent the Equality Act, others actively work to dismantle boundaries – particularly but not exclusively in relation to female pupils. Most ignore issues of safeguarding.

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Other campaigning work

Merched Cymru works to stand up for women’s sex based rights, including:

You can read our positions on topics relevant to women’s rights, including prostitution and surrogacy here.