Questions for Labour leadership candidates from grassroots women’s and LGB organisations in Wales

Together with our friends in WRN Wales, LGB Alliance Cymru, WomenZone and the Gay Men’s Network, we wrote the following letter to Vaughan Gething and Jeremy Miles.

As groups that have been excluded from the development of policies and action plans that affect us, we wanted to know if a new Welsh Labour leader and First Minister would signal a change in approach.

We believe that these questions are critical to understanding the willingness of both candidates to listen to viewpoints from beyond the usual organisations that are called on to contribute to policy. For our supporters who are Welsh Labour Party members, this could be a deciding factor in who they choose to vote for. Continue reading “Questions for Labour leadership candidates from grassroots women’s and LGB organisations in Wales”

Great news for lesbians over 50!

The Lesbian Reconnection programme is live!

Last week I wrote about some research into the lesbian experience during the pandemic – and showed how little real information there is about our experiences. I promised some action.

Three of us got together and won a grant from Swansea Council (good on them) for a series of events and activities during March, based on the fragmentation and isolation we documented. The programme is called Lesbian Reconnection, and it’s being run by WomanZone, which some of us will recall from Surfcamp days. Continue reading “Great news for lesbians over 50!”

Can the Plan: The story so far…

Over the past week, guest bloggers have provided a range of responses – formal and informal, personal and political – to the Welsh Government’s LGBTQ+ Action Plan. Whatever their vantage point, all share our concerns – in terms of the evidence-free inadequacy of the document itself, the lack of engagement with those who do not accept the gender ideology that underpins the entire Plan and, most powerfully, the implications for same-sex attracted people, particular for lesbians. Continue reading “Can the Plan: The story so far…”