Gender ideology threatens women’s refuges

Yet another Women’s Aid Centre has had its funding cut by the local council because they provide women-only services. Just let that sink in.

Back in the 70s there were no refuges, female victims of male violence had nowhere to go. It was women – feminists – who campaigned, raised money and set up safe spaces for themselves and their sisters. Research shows that women who suffer abuse and violence do better in single-sex services run by women with specialist knowledge and experience.

Fast forward 50 years, and what we’re witnessing is a world-wide assault upon women & girls’ rights to the privacy, dignity and the safety afforded by single-sex spaces and services. Women and girls are losing places in sporting competitions. Girls in the USA are denied college places because boys who ID as girls have stolen them.

We are discouraged, even denounced, for using the words we’ve always used to name ourselves – because they exclude trans identified males. Words like mother, woman, girl, pregnant women. Women are increasingly referred to as menstruators, uterus/cervix havers, chest-feeders, birthing people, pregnant people. Meanwhile, men are still called, well, men.

Everyone should be respected and treated with dignity. In the UK, there are no rights that trans people don’t have. Stonewall and others have campaigned for the right of people to self-identify as the opposite sex and be treated in law and in every day life as if they are actually the opposite sex. In spite of self-ID not having been ratified in law, organisations, public institutions, schools, shops and leisure facilities have fallen over themselves to decimate female-only spaces in the name of inclusion. Possibly the most disturbing government policy is the one that allows trans identified males to be placed in women’s prisons. Women have been sexually assaulted and intimidated by some trans women in their prisons.

The Equality Act allows for single-sex spaces and exemptions in services, yet, such is the scale of capture in the UK, you could be forgiven for assuming that this isn’t the case.

With all their millions of pounds, you’d think that Stonewall would campaign for spaces for trans women. You’d imagine too that the focus would be on ending the toxic masculinity that so restricts men in how they express themselves and present to the world. Yet if a boy likes playing with dolls Stonewall and their acolytes would have you believe that he must be ‘born in the wrong body’ rather than being a ‘feminine’ boy. Ditto girls who like to climb trees. The pressure is on to put them on puberty blockers and support the surgical removal of their healthy breasts at an age where it is impossible to fully understand the long-term implications of such life-changing decisions.

Why not let children dress, present, play with whatever toys they choose? Let’s get rid of the concept of gender altogether. It is regressive and restrictive for boys, girls, men and women. A tiny, tiny minority of people experience gender dysphoria that persists into adulthood. They need to be supported and have access to appropriate services. But the explosion in children identifying as trans has largely been driven by adults, trends on social media and the pharma/medical industries that make billions of dollars on transgender medication and surgeries. There are more and more people in their 20s, 30s and older who regret the treatments, surgeries and transition. Detransitioners are forming their own groups and campaigns to help stop this harm being done to children and young people.

Please help to stem this dangerous, dystopian ideology.