Questions for Labour leadership candidates from grassroots women’s and LGB organisations in Wales

Together with our friends in WRN Wales, LGB Alliance Cymru, WomenZone and the Gay Men’s Network, we wrote the following letter to Vaughan Gething and Jeremy Miles.

As groups that have been excluded from the development of policies and action plans that affect us, we wanted to know if a new Welsh Labour leader and First Minister would signal a change in approach.

We believe that these questions are critical to understanding the willingness of both candidates to listen to viewpoints from beyond the usual organisations that are called on to contribute to policy. For our supporters who are Welsh Labour Party members, this could be a deciding factor in who they choose to vote for. Continue reading “Questions for Labour leadership candidates from grassroots women’s and LGB organisations in Wales”

The silencing of the LGB

I’m a professional, 30-something gay man who lives in South Wales. And for my own safety I’m unable to reveal my real identity.

So why the anonymity?

Because I stated that homosexual people are exclusively same-sex attracted, that sex is real and immutable, and that a man will never be a woman. I also said that the actions of many LGBTQ organisations and their supporters display a cavalier attitude towards child protection and the most basic of safeguarding principles. Continue reading “The silencing of the LGB”

Wales’ LGBTQ+ plan is no go for lesbians

Now here’s the thing … as a lesbian I should be really excited about living in a country which purports to support me and has come up with an Action Plan to ensure my needs are catered for. But alas, I am anything but thrilled.

Having read through the LGBTQ+ Action Plan all I see is an exercise in promoting queer and transgender ideology. In fact the word lesbian is only mentioned twice and sex as a protected characteristic is tellingly left out of the Equalities list in the Ministerial Foreword. It seems pretty clear, as a lesbian, that the Welsh Government are committing themselves to supporting gender ideology over and above the concept of sex. Continue reading “Wales’ LGBTQ+ plan is no go for lesbians”

Let’s talk about sex!

The Welsh Government’s ‘LGBTQ+’ Action Plan is allegedly for lesbian, gay and bisexual people as well as those falling under the trans umbrella. We disagree with the government’s approach; this Plan has disturbing implications for all of us who believe that sex is real, immutable and important.

We refuse to be silent when we see the rights and protections based on sexual orientation and sex trashed by a Government which dares to call itself feminist.

Continue reading “Let’s talk about sex!”