Can the Plan: Messages of support

On September 14th we held a Rally in front of the Senedd to protest against the Welsh Government’s misogynistic and homophobic LGBTQ+ Action Plan. We are particularly concerned about the exclusion of alternative voices from the LGB community and from women, the pernicious influence of Stonewall within Welsh Government, and the fact-free gender ideology on which the Action Plan is based.

In response to our protest, 85 organisations and individuals signed a petition in support of the Action Plan which was delivered to Senedd  Member Hannah Blethyn. It stated that the signatories ‘do not believe there is any inherent contradiction’ between women’s rights and trans rights.

We disagree. So do our supporters.

We will be contacting Hannah Blethyn to ask her to stand up for the rights of same-sex attracted people, for woman, and for gender non-conforming young people.

And we will share these messages of support with her.

Messages of support

Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights

We wish you every success for your protest against the Welsh government’s Action Plan, which erases same sex attraction and sex-based rights in favour of gender identity.
Solidarity from Canada!

Conservatives for Women

In 1744, Abigail Adams said: “If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion…”

She believed that women should not submit to laws not made in their interest, and so do we. Women have the right to discuss policies which affect them free of abuse, harassment or intimidation, and have the right to use the language which specifically refers to the anatomy of their biological sex.

We stand with our Welsh sisters and we know some members of the Senedd stand with us; we hope they will make themselves known today and help to CAN THE PLAN!

The Countess (Ireland)

A huge shout out in solidarity with our Welsh sisters .

The Countesses are very happy and proud to lend our support and solidarity to this rally. The voices of the LGB community need to be once again amplified because they are being left behind.

Governments everywhere, including our own, are not listening. What we have is rebranded homophobia.
Sending you love & solidarity. And… CAN THE PLAN

We. Will. Be. Heard.


We support LGB Alliance Cymru, Merched Cymru, and their sister groups, in their fight to uphold women’s sex-based rights and everyone’s rights to public policy that protects their sexual orientation in Wales. The Welsh Government’s proposals must take into account the voices of all stakeholders to ensure democratic principles are respected. We invite the Welsh government to stand up for human rights by inviting these grassroots groups to the table and engaging, in good faith, with this feminist campaign.

Lesbian Labour

Lesbian Labour cannot support this lesbophobic plan. We are unequivocally against it. Welsh Government need to scrap it and start again. This vague, ideologically-motivated and unfair plan does not recognise the diversity and heterogeneity within the ‘lgbtq+’ communities. This will make accurate data collection impossible. The plan appears to be based on queer theory and all the regressive baggage that goes with that. It advances equality for no-one.
Sex is real, and gender is a social construct: surely you understand that? Sex and gender cannot be conflated, nor can sexual orientation and gender reassignment. Lesbians are adult human females who are SAME SEX attracted.

Welsh Government need a plurality of voices on this. Lesbian Labour would be happy to assist with a new plan – this one is beyond repair.

LGB Alliance Canada

LGB Alliance Canada stands with all LGB groups like our allies in Wales, who are standing their ground against the homophobia of LGBTQ+. We are Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals. We are working to make sure that all LGB are living free from discrimination or disadvantage that is based on sexual orientation. We must and do stand together.

Resisters UK

Resisters stands in solidarity with Merched Cymru and LGB Alliance Cymru – many of us will be either at the rally or in vocal support ourselves. We agree that the the LGBTQ+ strategy does not work at all for LGB people and will be confusing and harmful for LGB youth, as well as disregarding safeguards for women and children. This strategy does not speak for LGB people, for which sex is the basis of orientation in life as a personal sexual boundary and in law as a protected characteristic. Sisterhood and solidarity today Merched Cymru and our sister groups. Thank you for your advocacy and hard work for women, children and LGB people in Wales.

Rise Above Gender – Socialist Action Against Gender Stereotyping

We send our strong support and solidarity to Merched Cymru and LGBA Cymru for their protest against the Welsh government’s LGBTQ+ Action Plan on 14th September. The government’s intention to erase same-sex attraction and sex-based rights in favour of gender identity is discriminatory against lesbians, gay men, and all women and girls. Who has been consulted? We suspect not lesbians, gay men or women!

Maya Forstater & the team at Sex Matters

The Welsh Government LGBTQ+ Action Plan says that ‘everyone has the right to be safe, to be themselves and to lead lives free from discrimination.’ We agree.
Sex matters for everyone to be safe – iIt matters for safeguarding, for single-sex services and for healthcare.
Sex matters for everyone to be themselves – It matters for the rights of gay men and lesbians, for transsexuals, as well as gender non-conforming children who are not ‘born in the wrong body’ but working out who they are.

Sex matters for everyone to lead lives free from discrimination -It matters especially for women and girls – in education and work, in sports, in politics and public life, in prison and in refuges.

The LGBTQ+ Action Plan ignores the material reality of sex. It is another attempt at bringing in gender self ID by the back door. That makes it dangerous, damaging and  discriminatory. We stand with you in saying no to the plan.

Speak Up For Women (New Zealand)

Solidarity from speak up for women in New Zealand. Defending women’s sex-based rights is a global struggle and we will win it together!

Transgender Trend

Greetings from all of us at Transgender Trend. We’re sorry we can’t be with you today but send our love and best wishes to everyone at today’s rally.

Transgender Trend fully supports Merched Cymru in their challenge to the Welsh government’s LGBTQ+ Action Plan, which unlawfully substitutes ‘gender identity’ for biological sex as the distinction between men and women in law and public policy.

The sex-based definitions of women, lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the Equality Act, along with the rights and protections of these groups, must not be erased in Wales. Welsh children should not be taught gender ideology as fact in Welsh schools.

For the preservation of the sex-based rights of vulnerable groups, and for the protection of children from an ideology that teaches them that to be their ‘authentic self’ requires a lifetime of medical intervention, we stand with Merched Cymru in their opposition to the Welsh government’s LGBTQ+ Action Plan.”

Get The L Out

This is a very important action for the rights of women and girls in Wales and we at Get the L Out fully support it. Well done to all the organisations that have come together to make it happen.

Women’s Human Rights Declaration

The Women’s Human Rights Campaign supports Merched Cymru and LGB Alliance Cymru in working together to respond to the ‘LGBTQ+ Action Plan’.

We agree that the Plan has disturbing implications for all of us who believe that sex is real, immutable and important.
As we explain in the Women’s Human Rights Declaration, the protected characteristic of sex must not be superseded by the undefined and unverifiable term ‘gender’, as this contravenes protections under the Equality Act 2010 and CEDAW.

We join with Merched Cymru and LGB Alliance Cymru to call on the Welsh Government to withdraw the Plan and start again.

Women Uniting

8679 people have signed the Women Uniting petition calling on the government to protect sex based rights. Neither the definition of sex nor the definition of lesbian is negotiable. This plan fails to grasp that concept. So we say “Can the Plan” start again and listen to women.

Women Uniting stands with our Welsh sisters in this fight.

Along with our individual speakers:

  • Christian Wilton King
  • Kate Harris (LGB Alliance)
  • Olwen
  • Sonya Douglas
  • Mr Menno

Graham Linehan also attended the rally.

And individual supporters:

Angela Wild

In 2019, in Swansea, I was physically removed from the Pride parade for holding a banner that stated that “lesbians do not have penises”.

So what I want to say is very simple. On behalf of all lesbians that are erased, pressured to transition or to accept males as sexual partners, lest they be called transphobes, I want to say again, regardless of what the law says, regardless of what they want to teach our children in schools, regardless of Stonewall’s propaganda:

Lesbians do not and will never have penises.

Lesbians do not want penises in our sexual lives.

Women deserve legal recognition that exclude males from its definition, we deserve women-only spaces protected under the law.

We will keep fighting for our rights.

Helen Staniland

Solidarity with Merched Cymru, and with women everywhere who are having to put in the time and energy to remind society that we live in a world where women and girls are constantly and uniquely vulnerable to male violence and sexual entitlement.

We do not ask for this, we do not want this, but we do recognise this.

Women have historically fought to carve out some specific spaces away from male people when we are in a position of particular vulnerability, for instance when undressing, recovering from trauma or playing sport. These spaces were created in order for women and girls to be able to participate as full and equal members of society.
These spaces are still necessary.

So whilst we increasingly chant that trans rights are human rights, let us not drown out the voices of women everywhere reminding us that women’s rights are human rights too.

Cariad and Solidarity!

Helen Steel

Sending support to those of you speaking out in defence of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals and for women’s sex-based rights today. It takes courage for ordinary individuals to stand up against those in power. But it is essential. In solidarity. Helen Steel.

Mary KAy Fain (4w Publishing)

I send my support to our brave sisters in Wales who are boldly standing up to defend LGB and women’s sex-based rights. Across the world, sex matters. Women know this. Everyone knows this. We cannot fight for the rights, freedom, and liberation of women from male violence and oppression without an understanding of the very basis of that oppression. Thank you to all the feminists who are fighting back, sometimes in the face of great personal risk, to protect the rights of women. We support you.

And the members and followers of:

  • For Women Scot
  • LGB Alliance Cymru
  • Labour Women’s Declaration Cymru
  • Labour Women’s Declaration
  • Safe Schools Alliance
  • and of course, Merched Cymru

Merched Cymru and LGB Alliance Cymru are working together to respond to Welsh Government’s LGBT+ Action Plan. See our page here.