Policy-making in Wales: Evidence-free, anti-democratic, and misogynist

Today Hannah Blythyn, the Deputy Minister for Social Partnership, gave an update on the Welsh Government’s LGBTQ+ Action Plan.

The responses to the consultation have not yet been published – possibly because many were critical of the way in which the Plan undermined the sex-based rights of women and girls – but Welsh Government are pushing ahead regardless. Continue reading “Policy-making in Wales: Evidence-free, anti-democratic, and misogynist”

Wresting the word ‘woman’ away from us

I personally have spent the last few years tying to clarify what people mean when they use the phrase ‘trans rights are human rights’. It’s a neat, clean soundbite that doesn’t convey any meaning in terms of rights – it only conveys meaning around the progressive credentials of the person saying it. It’s used by people who deliberately want to obfuscate the ask, and it’s been picked up by people who haven’t given it much thought but believe it to be the next civil rights fight. Continue reading “Wresting the word ‘woman’ away from us”

The silencing of the LGB

I’m a professional, 30-something gay man who lives in South Wales. And for my own safety I’m unable to reveal my real identity.

So why the anonymity?

Because I stated that homosexual people are exclusively same-sex attracted, that sex is real and immutable, and that a man will never be a woman. I also said that the actions of many LGBTQ organisations and their supporters display a cavalier attitude towards child protection and the most basic of safeguarding principles. Continue reading “The silencing of the LGB”

How to live

I’ve just moved house, and I’m surrounded by boxes, towers of boxes, my whole life in boxes – and not just mine but my family’s, too. Shit in boxes. [side note: all language serves a function and is legitimate for use, effective most according to the context. This is important.]

Shit. In boxes. Continue reading “How to live”