Women’s sex-based rights: our question to the candidates

Merched Cymru have written a letter to each of the Senedd election candidates to ask them if they support women’s existing sex-based legal rights.

Here’s the text of the letter.

Dear Candidate

Merched Cymru is writing to you, as we are to all Senedd candidates, to ask a simple question:

Do you support women’s sex-based rights as set out in the Equality Act 2010?

Please answer yes or no. If no, please explain briefly why not.

We will be recording your answer (or that you didn’t answer) and publishing all the replies on our website.

Merched Cymru is a grassroots group of ordinary women from across Wales who want to protect the sex-based rights of women and girls. You can learn more at www.merchedcymru.wales.

Diolch ymlaen llaw am eich cydweithrediad

Merched Cymru

The Women of Wales

We also sent them a link to EHRC guidance on the relevant sections of the Equality Act (since some of them appeared to be unaware of its existence) and a simplified overview of the importance of sex-based rights from Fair Play for Women.

And we’ve been tweeting them from our account @MerchedCymru. Our members have also been asking their local candidates the same question.

The answers are starting to come in. Some of them might surprise you… and not always in a good way. We’ll be publishing them here soon.

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Our sex-based rights are under threat in Wales.