A rough week for women

It’s been a rough week for women. But then, it so often is. A swift swipe through social media before your coffee is enough to put you off getting out of bed at all.

This morning, for instance, my eyes lit up at the news that MasterCard are standing up for women and girls by insisting that each and every video on OnlyFans needed clear, unambiguous consent from the portrayed body as wll as confirmation of age before they would allow their cards to be used to pay for any porn. As OnlyFans cannot provide these verifications, they will be throwing their porn-baby out with the bathwater, and from October will only allow still images. Then my heart sank when I dived deeper into the rabbit hole and saw grown women, ‘sex workers’. condemning the move which is aimed at making a stand against child sex abuse and trafficking – because it will deplete their income stream. Continue reading “A rough week for women”