Autism in education

Promoting a culture of safeguarding in educational establishments for autistic students, where they are included, empowered and safe from bullying and sexual harm

Autism is still a relatively new idea to the general public and despite the proliferation of autism ‘awareness sessions’, new developments in our understanding of autistic minds can be difficult to keep up with, rendering such training quickly out-of-date. Combine this with the age of the internet, social media and identity politics, and it makes for a heavy mix of issues. Continue reading “Autism in education”

Wales’ LGBTQ+ Action Plan takes no account of autism

The Welsh Government’s (WG) LGBTQ+ Action Plan seeks to replace the biological reality of sex, with the nebulous term ‘gender’. You can find out more about this here, but in this article I explore the implications of the Action Plan for autistic people.

We’re still learning about autism but there is scientific consensus that it is a genetic-based neurological variant. Continue reading “Wales’ LGBTQ+ Action Plan takes no account of autism”