We stand by Sue Lent

This week, The National published an article about Cardiff councillor Sue Lent.

The article is nothing more than a poorly written, spiteful hatchet job against a woman who has demonstrated over many years her commitment to standing up for the rights of women and girls and her dedication to public service.

We are not going to dignify the snide, sexist, bullying insinuations by repeating them.

We will, however, point out that understanding that biological sex is a material reality that is at the root of the discrimination, violence and oppression that women face all over the world is a legitimate and protected belief.

We stand by Sue Lent.

The article also described Merched Cymru as ‘a group that campaigns against the right of trans women to use women’s facilities and participate in women’s sports.’

Let us be clear.

Merched Cymru campaigns for the rights of women and girls.

That includes our existing legal rights to single sex spaces and services where these are necessary for safety, dignity and privacy.

That includes our right to fair competition in sports. Male people, however they identify, should not be competing in female sports categories.
We make no apology for this.

If some people, such as The National’s reporter, see women’s rights as ‘anti-trans’, then that demonstrates clearly the misogyny that drives so much gender identity activism.

Unfortunately, we are now accustomed to the execrable reporting and editorial standards of The National on this issue.

It is a shame that the publication has no interest in offering a fair representation of the range of views around the contentious matter of where competing rights clash, opting instead for sensationalised, emotional manipulation.

It might bring the clicks and social media engagement that its editorial team craves, but it does nothing for the democratic processes in Wales.