The LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales: a blueprint for imposing gender identity dogma

The Welsh Government announces new support package for Pride as part of ambitious plans to make Wales the most LGBTQ+ friendly nation in Europe.

The publication of the LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales does nothing to improve the climate for LGB people. In Wales, as in other parts of the UK, “LGBTQ+” is an abbreviation used to impose gender identity dogma.

What is wrong with the plan?

The plan focuses on “gender” (mentioning it 23 times, not counting references to “transgender”). It also refers to the notion of “non-binary” 10 times. There is no reference to biological sex at all.

The plan contains nothing to help teens grappling with their emerging sexual orientation to feel positive about it. In fact there are no references to same-sex sexual orientation at all. No references to the specific problems faced by lesbians (who face dual discrimination as homosexuals and women) or the specific problems of teenage boys who are having difficulty dealing with their emerging homosexual feelings. How can such a plan do anything to support LGB people? No positive role models. No recommended films or books about happy lesbians and gay men that will help teens who may be surrounded by homophobia in the family or at school to feel good about themselves.

Nothing positive for LGB people. Instead, with the constant repetition of LGBTQ+, as if these groups all shared similar issues, the plan ditches biological sex and focuses on gender identity dogma. Furthermore, there is nothing at all about special needs children. The whole subject of child safeguarding is completely ignored.

According to gender identity dogma, everyone has a “gender” or “gender identity” that may be different from the “sex assigned at birth”. If your “gender” is the same as the “sex assigned at birth” you are “cis”. If not you are “trans”. The plan is based on this belief system and leaves no room for those who disagree.

How does gender identity dogma harm LGB people?

In this climate, teens who do not conform to sexist stereotypes assume they may be trans. Teenage girls are especially vulnerable to the resulting social pressures. If a young lesbian hears only about “gender identity”, and this is not offset by any positive remarks about lesbianism, if there are no role models or helpful references for her, she starts thinking she needs “gender treatment”. She starts binding her breasts, and is then referred to a gender clinic. Once she gets an appointment there, if she insists she is really a boy, she will get puberty blockers, which lead almost irrevocably to cross-sex hormones, and in many cases to a double mastectomy and infertility. Does it matter? Certainly it does. Not just because of the numerous health risks of lifelong medicalisation. But because many young women, and young men too, change their minds and deeply regret that they did not receive better care.

In short, what happened to many of these young people was a form of gay conversion therapy. “LGB-friendly”? Quite the opposite.

How did this plan get approved?

The plan was written and approved by Stonewall Cymru and a team who all come from the same clique of gender identity campaigners, most of them based at Cardiff University. They all share the same belief in gender identity dogma. Why did the Welsh government not consult more widely? LGB Alliance Cymru asked repeatedly to be involved as a stakeholder. Its requests were ignored.

This plan does nothing to advance or protect the interests of people with same-sex or both-sexes sexual orientation. It has a completely different aim: to teach everyone gender identity dogma and to impose it throughout Wales.
We call on the Welsh Government to withdraw this plan and consult more widely. LGB Alliance must have a seat at the table whenever LGB issues are being discussed. If all those involved in developing the plan are followers of gender identity dogma, people with same-sex or both-sexes sexual orientation have no representation.

Can the LGBTQ+ Action Plan: LGB voices must be heard!

Merched Cymru and LGB Alliance Cymru are working together to respond to Welsh Government’s LGBT+ Action Plan. See our page here.