Can the Plan: Video of rally

This video is a must-watch those of you who missed out on our rally on the 14th September as well as for those of you who want to relive its glories – from Sarah Tanburn’s pronouncements on multiple orgasms to Mr Menno leading the crowd in a sea shanty.

Merched Cymru would like to thank one of our wonderful volunteers for putting together this film of the events, and everyone else who made this event happen.


Helen. Merched Cymru at 0.29

We have here today people who marched to Greenham Common, people who lived through Section 28 and protested against it, people who were there during the Aids crisis, who held the hands of gay men and advocated for them, gays who supported the miners, anti racists… We want inclusivity, we want the voices of our opponents, our voices, every Welsh citizen – we should have everyone around the table.

Sarah. LGBA Cymru at 2.10

When we don’t talk about sex we wipe out the experience of lesbians and gay men. This plan does not represent us. It erases us, our history, our passion, it takes away our spaces. It erases our pride. We are here to say to Welsh Government, we will not go back in the closet.

Helen. Merched Cymru at 8.30

Sex is not gender. Confusing the two, promoting the idea of gender identity over sex is a catastrophy for gay rights and women. This Plan will affect schools, universities, health services, social care, and workplaces. The consequences of getting this wrong are huge.

Bronwen. Lesbian Labour at 15.50

Lesbian Labour is here today to protest the WGs homophobic LGBTQ+ Action Plan. Our voices and specific needs as lesbians need to be heard and understood, not silenced and ignored. We do not submit to be redefined by a gender lobby seeking to sow confusion and distress by conflating sex and gender. Only women can be lesbians.

Sue. Labour Women’s Declaration at 22.45

The meeting (of Labour Women) itself was a shocking affair. The venue was bombarded with phone calls to the point that they cancelled. At the alternative venue, those attending were met by a baying angry mob, shouting and spitting at us. They banged on the windows throughout the meeting and shouted at us as we left.

There was silence from senior politicians as there is now.

Christian at 30.40

Half of referrals to the Tavistock gender clinic have either a diagnosis of autism or display autistic traits … The Tavistock recorded that almost all patients given Puberty Blockers went on to take cross-sex hormones and therefore risked sterility. When half of patients receiving this treatment are on the autistic spectrum, it does start to look worryingly like eugenics.

Stop sterilising autistic children.

Olwen at 34.57 / 35.45

50% of the population are women so why are you not listening to us. I have lived 70 years on this planet. I have been denied rights as a woman for most of my life. I will not lie down for any such stupid, misogynistic campaign as we are facing now.

Kate LGBA at 37.30

The so-called Expert Panel behind the report is a disgrace to the Welsh Government. Panel members have used abusive & threatening language to and about anyone who speaks up for sex-based rights of women & LGB people. Panel members you should be ashamed of your selves and your behaviour. You have no argument to make so you choose defamation and lies.

Sonya at 46.36

I want you to know that nobody can take your voice from you. They will say no debate, they will say you’re making this up, gaslight you, ignore you, ostracise you, but they cannot take your voice. There’s a sign over there that says women do not equal a vagina. Child we know. I carried my daughter in my belly and I birthed her. I do not need you to tell me I am more than a hole in my body. I know what I am.

Mr Menno at 52.40

In 2021 talking openly and honestly about same sex attraction gets us labelled bigots, transphobes and genital fetishists. It seems that a new era has been ushered in a new shaming of the gays and it’s coming from within our very own house. How, after decades of gay liberation have we come to a point where homosexuality has once again become the love that dare not speak its name?

Merched Cymru and LGB Alliance Cymru are working together to respond to Welsh Government’s LGBT+ Action Plan. See our page here.