Merched Cymru’s Ali Morris and LGB Alliance Cymru’s Sarah Tanburn speak at the Women’s Human Right Campaigns Webinar

Merched Cymru were proud to have one of our members, Ali Morris, speaking at the WHRC seminar. Along with LGB Alliance Cymru’s Sarah Tanburn, she presented an overview of the situation in Wales.

Ali said:
Who would have thought that 100 years after the suffragettes, we continue to have to assert our right to political and social freedom?
Who would argue that it’s unreasonable for refuges and rape crisis centres to choose to be single sex?
Who would argue that older women or those with disabilities, should not be able to ask for a same-sex carer for their intimate care needs?
Who would argue that groups set up around race, religion and belief, shouldn’t have the right to be single sex for modesty and dignity?
And who would argue that lesbians who are by definition attracted to others of the same sex shouldn’t be afforded same sex space?
I have spent my whole adult life fighting for the rights of women and girls. I would never have believed we’d get to the point where we would have to fight for the very word that defines us.