Joint statement by Merched Cymru and Women’s Rights Network Wales in response to statement by Welsh Women’s Aid

We are dismayed by the statement issued by Welsh Women’s Aid on 5 th October in response to unspecified comments by UK Government Ministers. Welsh Women’s Aid was established in 1978 with a specific focus on supporting local Women’s Aid Groups delivering single-sex services to
women experiencing domestic abuse and give those women a voice within the policy and law-making process.

It was set up by women, for women. It acknowledged that those services had to be exclusive of men, male adults, to allow vulnerable women and their children to break free from male violence and abuse and heal their trauma. Women’s Aid offered women a place of safety and sisterly support. This has worked for decades and has a strong evidence base. The unique value of single-sex services is recognised by domestic abuse survivors themselves, practitioners and by experts including the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women and Girls, Reem Alsalem. Continue reading “Joint statement by Merched Cymru and Women’s Rights Network Wales in response to statement by Welsh Women’s Aid”

Delilah: No forgiveness, no excuses

Jade Mills had been moving on with her life after she split up with Russell March. In August 2021, after an evening spent with her family and friends, she went to bed, apparently cheerful and optimistic for her future. March, eaten up by resentment, could not tolerate Jade’s ability to live without him. So, he killed her.

Summing up the case, at Mold County Court, the judge told March, ‘You sneaked upstairs where the victim was, not before going and telling your son that their mum had kissed another man. You had armed yourself with a knife from the kitchen before going upstairs. You wanted to make [her] suffer.’ Continue reading “Delilah: No forgiveness, no excuses”

IWD 2022: Sexism is more than bias

International Women’s Day takes place on March 8th every year. It is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Something much needed in these past few years of a global pandemic, increase in poverty and upheaval.

As in previous years, Welsh Government publicly declared its support for women and equality.  And the International Women’s Day website produced a slogan. This year they didn’t let us down. What a corker it was.
#BreakTheBias Continue reading “IWD 2022: Sexism is more than bias”

The importance of sex-based language, data and strategies for transformation

Men At Work trains professionals who work with boys and young men to facilitate constructive dialogues with them about safety, empathy and respect – for themselves, for their male peers and for women and girls.

Our mission is to empower – through knowledge, skills and confidence – a widening range of professionals to help boys and young men achieve their potential as positive assets to their peer-groups, their places of education, their communities and, in time, their own partners and any eventual new families. The goals: fostering violence-free relationships, families and communities and helping to remove obstacles to safe, empathetic and respectful lives – all through constructive, reflective dialogue. Continue reading “The importance of sex-based language, data and strategies for transformation”

Gender critical views in social work

I qualified as a social worker in 2000, and for 21 years I have worked in the specialist field of violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence (VAWDASV), culminating in becoming the designated ‘expert’ for my local authority and the person they consulted with on all matters concerning violence against women. The recognition of the myriad forms of violence and abuse experienced by women at the hands of men came about by the sheer hard work, stamina and courage of the women like me who never gave up fighting for women and girls regardless of the opposition we faced.

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