Merched Cymru’s letter to The Observer on ‘Gender Questioning Children’

Merched Cymru has sent the following letter to the Observer in response to this article on the UK’s recently published draft guidance entitled ‘Gender Questioning Children.’

We welcome the long-awaited guidance for English schools on how to support children who are questioning their gender.

In Wales we are still waiting for guidance from the Welsh government, announced in the Welsh Government’s LGBTQ+ action plan and initially promised for the summer term. Meanwhile schools are left without direction in this highly contested area, with many still following guidance toolkits which misrepresent equality law.

While the new draft for England is not perfect, it marks a significant step forward and it is encouraging to see a clearly stated commitment to safeguarding principles and a recognition of the rights of other pupils. We hope that the Welsh guidance will take a similar approach.

Open letter: Conversion therapy and gender identity

Sent to First Minister Mark Drakeford on behalf of Merched Cymru and Women’s Rights Network (Wales)

Dear First Minister

We are writing to express our serious concerns regarding Welsh Government’s intention to promote a ban on ‘conversion therapy’ in relation to gender identity.

While we wholeheartedly endorse the UK government’s proposed legislation to ban conversion therapy for sexual orientation, the addition of gender identity (an undefined and unverifiable concept) will not protect children and young people experiencing gender-related distress, and could expose them to serious harm. Continue reading “Open letter: Conversion therapy and gender identity”