Where’s the courage?

While grassroots feminist organisations, such as Women’s Place UK, Fair Play for Women and Sex Matters, have been roundly defending women’s sex-based rights, established feminist institutions have been assiduously ignoring the whole debate.

After some 100 years of women’s suffrage in the United Kingdom, an organisation named after one of the most prominent advocates for women’s right to vote – the Fawcett Society – has dug its head deep in the sand. Continue reading “Where’s the courage?”

Chwarae Teg aren’t listening to Welsh women

Woman with hands over ears

Women in Wales are not being heard. Not by the politicians we elect, nor by the tax-payer funded organisations that are supposed to represent us. On increasingly frequent occasions, we women are actively silenced and excluded entirely from conversations which involve us. The charity Chwarae Teg (Fair Play) purports to be ‘leading gender equality in Wales’. One of its core principles is representation: ‘a fairer Wales where women are visible and influential across all sectors of the economy, society and in public life’. Continue reading “Chwarae Teg aren’t listening to Welsh women”

We are not ‘haters’: response to Chwarae Teg CEO

We are deeply disappointed to see the CEO of Chwarae Teg use such divisive language, dismissing women who responded to the organisation’s poorly worded tweet yesterday as ‘haters’. We note also that she fails to address any of the valid points raised.

We are very concerned that an organisation set up to address sex-based inequalities appears unable to acknowledge that the barriers women and girls face are due to their sex, not some subjective sense of ‘identity’.

Conflating sex and gender identity leads to the erosion of women’s sex-based rights and protections. If we can’t acknowledge sex, then it becomes impossible to tackle sexism and misogyny. Continue reading “We are not ‘haters’: response to Chwarae Teg CEO”