Scotland has a party supporting women’s rights. What about Wales?

So we now have a political party that is explicitly supporting women’s sex-based rights. But only if you live in Scotland.

In Wales, Plaid Cymru intends to deny women those rights.

Their Manifesto is clear:

“We support the reform of the Gender Recognition Act to introduce a streamlined, demedicalised process based on self-declaration … We will seek the devolution of powers necessary to introduce this change and will uphold trans people’s right to continue to access services and facilities in accordance with their gender identity.”

This manifesto commitment misrepresents existing law. Under the Equality Act 2010 having the protected characteristic of ‘gender reassignment’ means that someone is quite rightly protected from harassment, unfair treatment and discrimination because they are trans. It does not mean that they have a right to use spaces, services and facilities designated for the opposite sex.

This kind of misinformation is concerning and irresponsible. Political parties who promote it without fact checking are contributing to the erosion of women’s hard-won rights and the hostility towards those who speak up. All women and girls are affected but it will disproportionately impact on the most vulnerable and those in other protected groups.

Make no mistake. Self-ID will mean the end of female-only spaces, services and opportunities; sports, changing-rooms, toilets, refuges, hostels, hospital wards, women-only shortlists, awards, and training programmes. Misogyny writ large.