On freedom of speech, and the right to hold gender-critical beliefs

A statement from Swansea University Feminist Society

Swansea University Feminist Society would like to thank everyone who has reached out in support of us, our Society, and our right to free speech and the legal protection of philosophical beliefs. In particular, we want to thank Merched Cymru, Wales Women’s Rights Network, Dr Jane Clare Jones, Jo Phoenix, Swansea & Gower ReSisters, and many many others, including those who refuse to be bullied or harassed for merely stating their beliefs and political position on such ongoing and incredibly relevant issues as self-ID laws, and same sex prisons. Continue reading “On freedom of speech, and the right to hold gender-critical beliefs”

Merched Cymru supports Kathleen Stock

Statement on the continuing harassment of Professor Kathleen Stock

We condemn the threats and abuse targeted at Kathleen Stock in the strongest possible terms. The attacks are driven by misogyny. They are anti-democratic, undermining the University’s mandated commitment to freedom of speech – for both staff and students.

We welcome the Vice-Chancellor’s response in support of Professor Stock. Continue reading “Merched Cymru supports Kathleen Stock”

Welsh Universities need to drop Stonewall

Stonewall is a hugely influential organisation, with ties throughout public life – none of these are more deep than its connection with academia. All but one Welsh university are membersof Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Scheme. However, while membership in the scheme might foster acceptance of an increasing diversity of sexual and gender identities, it also generates intolerance for diversity of opinion. Without diversity of opinion, academic freedom is at risk. Events in Cardiff last week demostrated this very clearly. Continue reading “Welsh Universities need to drop Stonewall”

Merched Cymru writes to Universities in Wales

Following the report into the illegal advice given to Essex University by Stonewall, and the negative implications for free speech, indirect discrimination towards women, and our sex-based rights, we have checked out universities in Wales to see if they are also at risk.

Other than Bangor, all Welsh universities are members of Stonewall (in an extraordinary piece of timing, Trinity St Davids announced their membership at the start of the month). Continue reading “Merched Cymru writes to Universities in Wales”