All charges dropped against disabled ‘sticker woman’ – along with our trust in Gwent Police

Merched Cymru, Women’s Rights Network Wales, LGB Alliance Cymru, Labour Women’s Declaration and the Women’s Declaration International are very pleased to announce that Jennifer Swayne will face no charges as a result of her arrest for placing stickers promoting women’s rights concerns around Newport.

Jen was arrested on January 23 and was due to answer her bail on April 11, after it had been extended on two previous occasions. Our groups have been supporting her during this time. Continue reading “All charges dropped against disabled ‘sticker woman’ – along with our trust in Gwent Police”

Gwent Police’s arrest of a woman in Newport

Statement from WRN-Wales and Merched Cymru

We have noted with disappointment and disbelief the content of the press release issued yesterday by Gwent Police about the circumstances surrounding the arrest of a woman in Newport on Sunday 23 January.

Gwent Police have lost a great deal of public confidence as a result of this situation, especially among women who are deeply concerned both about the apparent proportionality and motivation for the arrest and detention, and about Gwent Police’s subsequent handling and messaging. Continue reading “Gwent Police’s arrest of a woman in Newport”

Merched Cymru’s statement on the arrest of disabled woman by Gwent Police

Merched Cymru are disturbed to have learned that a disabled woman from Newport was arrested by Gwent Police yesterday after posting stickers in support of women’s rights.

We understand that the woman was held for eleven hours without access to essential medication, her house was searched, she was questioned and then released at 3.30am to find her own way home. Her phone had been confiscated so she was unable to contact her family or call a taxi.

We are in contact with the woman and supporting her to ensure she gets the appropriate legal advice. We do not want to jeopardise or prejudice the legal process so will not comment any further at this stage.

Wales’ PCC’s could learn from Lisa Townsend

One of our members sent this letter to Surrey PCC Lisa Townsend:

I am just writing to thank you for your bravery and integrity in speaking out about the current threat to women’s rights and Stonewall’s part in that.
I live in Wales. None of our four PCCs are willing to speak up for women, or to acknowledge the extent to which women and girls are being let down by police forces all over the country. There is no clear action plan to deal with violence against women and girls; hate crime ignores misogyny; our schools are places where sexual harassment and abuse go unpunished; rainbow lanyards and endless Pride events reveal police priorities very clearly; criminals are able to have crimes recorded by the gender they choose, thus making the data entirely meaningless and, equally worryingly, moving one step closer to female officers being required to search intact males, and for those males to be placed in women’s prisons. Continue reading “Wales’ PCC’s could learn from Lisa Townsend”

Questioning Police and Crime Commissioner candidates

Picture courtesy of Terry Kearney

Gender Critical‘ asked the candidates for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner some women-focussed questions. Which candidates believed that sex matters?

The shocking finding was that there were no responses from candidates in three of the four regions contacted by ‘Gender Critical.’ Not from North Wales, South Wales, or Dyfed-Powys. Continue reading “Questioning Police and Crime Commissioner candidates”