Lesbian experiences of the pandemic

It’s become a cliché. We’re all in the same storm, but not all in the same boat. We know that some people have made a lot of money out of Covid, while many have got much poorer. A few had parties while we missed our families, endured sickness and bereavement, learned, or did not, to live with loneliness.

I was interested to know about the specific experiences of lesbians – that class of humans constituted of adult human females sexually attracted to other adult human females. Experience in my networks suggested that there might be some trends that were exaggerated in our community and I wondered if anyone had taken a rigorous look. Continue reading “Lesbian experiences of the pandemic”

Wales’ LGBTQ+ plan is no go for lesbians

Now here’s the thing … as a lesbian I should be really excited about living in a country which purports to support me and has come up with an Action Plan to ensure my needs are catered for. But alas, I am anything but thrilled.

Having read through the LGBTQ+ Action Plan all I see is an exercise in promoting queer and transgender ideology. In fact the word lesbian is only mentioned twice and sex as a protected characteristic is tellingly left out of the Equalities list in the Ministerial Foreword. It seems pretty clear, as a lesbian, that the Welsh Government are committing themselves to supporting gender ideology over and above the concept of sex. Continue reading “Wales’ LGBTQ+ plan is no go for lesbians”

What women owe lesbians

I wrote this because I don’t think straight women always realise what a debt of gratitude we owe to lesbians. This is my attempt at saying ‘thank you’.

I was born in the spring of 1984, three years after Prince Charles wed Lady Di and three years after my eighteen-year-old mum waved goodbye to her sleepy midlands town and caught the Intercity train to London to work with young homeless people. There she met my dad and soon after I was on my way into being. A photograph of my mum, dark-haired, freckled and barely twenty, smiling shyly at my dad behind the camera on the dunes at Camber Sands is the first picture I am in. She was not aware of my presence at the time it was taken. Continue reading “What women owe lesbians”