Mark Drakeford is wrong. Transwomen are not women.

In the Senedd’s plenary session yesterday, MS Laura Anne Jones asked the First Minister to discuss the participation of trans-identifying athletes in sports.

First Minister Mark Drakeford stated:

My starting point is … that transgender women are women

Our First Minister is making clear his belief in an ideology which has no foundation in reality – biological, medical, scientific. Men cannot become women. Being a woman is not a feeling. It is not a performance, a simulacrum of femininity through the acquisition of a floral dress, a new lipstick and a collection of pink and fluffy stereotypes. Our femaleness is written in to every cell of our bodies and impacts on every aspect of our lives. We do not give permission for men to colonise that reality. Continue reading “Mark Drakeford is wrong. Transwomen are not women.”

LGBTQ+ Action Plan: What’s the problem?

Over the next six weeks we’ll be publishing a range of guest blogs focusing on the Action Plan recommendations. We’ll be looking at the potential impact of the Plan on the majority of us who expect our government to base policy decisions on evidence rather than ideology, and on the law as it stands rather than as Stonewall would wish it to be.

To set the scene, we’ve analysed the language, methodology and (minimal) evidence-base behind the plan.

In every regard the LGBTQ+ Action Plan is built on sinking sands. Continue reading “LGBTQ+ Action Plan: What’s the problem?”