Appropriating violence

In the Welsh Government’s LGBTQ+ Action Plan we are presented with the idea that trans-identifying males are at risk of violence, even uniquely so. This is a familiar position within trans-activist discourse. Munroe Bergdorf has solemnly declared that, as a trans person, he was as at risk of dying before the age of 35. Yet this frequently asserted figure ultimately turns out to refer to trans-identifying males in South America involved in selling sex – and to be no more than an estimate proffered by an activist, with no basis in any formal research whatsoever. Continue reading “Appropriating violence”

Gender ideology threatens women’s refuges

Yet another Women’s Aid Centre has had its funding cut by the local council because they provide women-only services. Just let that sink in.

Back in the 70s there were no refuges, female victims of male violence had nowhere to go. It was women – feminists – who campaigned, raised money and set up safe spaces for themselves and their sisters. Research shows that women who suffer abuse and violence do better in single-sex services run by women with specialist knowledge and experience.

Continue reading “Gender ideology threatens women’s refuges”

Questioning Police and Crime Commissioner candidates

Picture courtesy of Terry Kearney

Gender Critical‘ asked the candidates for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner some women-focussed questions. Which candidates believed that sex matters?

The shocking finding was that there were no responses from candidates in three of the four regions contacted by ‘Gender Critical.’ Not from North Wales, South Wales, or Dyfed-Powys. Continue reading “Questioning Police and Crime Commissioner candidates”