Consultation on conversion therapy

Merched Cymru is pleased to hear that the proposed ban on conversion therapy will go out to consultation, and that research will be undertaken to clarify the extent and impact of this unacceptable practice.

This is not a straightforward issue however and there is a genuine risk of unintended consequences. We believe that:

…the proposed ban on ‘conversion therapy’ for trans-identifying children and young people would potentially criminalise counsellors who wish to treat the whole person, to explore the impact of co-morbidities and to consider all the factors that might be contributing to their gender distress. Critically, it would outlaw any approach that allowed for the (highly likely) possibility that the patient would, post puberty, come to terms with their biological sex, and their sexual orientation.

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On ‘conversion therapy’

Merched Cymru are co-signatories to a letter sent recently to Kemi Badenoch, Minister for Equalities, supporting her thoughtful approach to the complex issues around conversion therapy.

Like the vast majority of people in the UK, we regard it as abhorrent for people to be subjected to ‘conversion therapy’ that seeks to change their sexual orientation. We are deeply concerned, however, that the current push for a ban is being used to promote an affirmation-only approach to gender identity, particularly in relation to children and young people. Continue reading “On ‘conversion therapy’”