Merched Cymru responds to the Cass Report

We welcome the release today of the final report of the independent review of gender identity services for children and young people, commissioned by NHS England and chaired by Dr Hilary Cass. It is a very substantial piece of work, four years in the making, and we’ll respond more fully to its research and recommendations in due course. While some of the findings were anticipated, it is nevertheless shocking to see the facts in print. Continue reading “Merched Cymru responds to the Cass Report”

Letter to Eluned Morgan, Minister for Health and Social Services

Dear Minister

We write to draw your attention to the group litigation being prepared by families of children and young people treated at the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock and Portman Trust.

This follows the failings highlighted in the interim Cass report and the subsequent decision to close GIDS.

Gender distressed children and young people from Wales have been referred to GIDS. They will have been subject to these same failings.

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Open letter: Conversion therapy and gender identity

Sent to First Minister Mark Drakeford on behalf of Merched Cymru and Women’s Rights Network (Wales)

Dear First Minister

We are writing to express our serious concerns regarding Welsh Government’s intention to promote a ban on ‘conversion therapy’ in relation to gender identity.

While we wholeheartedly endorse the UK government’s proposed legislation to ban conversion therapy for sexual orientation, the addition of gender identity (an undefined and unverifiable concept) will not protect children and young people experiencing gender-related distress, and could expose them to serious harm. Continue reading “Open letter: Conversion therapy and gender identity”

Safeguarding children: we are all Cassandra now

According to the myth, Cassandra was cursed by Apollo to see the future but for her prophecies never to be believed. She was castigated as a liar and a mad woman. We know the feeling.

We are concerned that children in Wales are being put at risk by gender ideology. We have spoken out collectively and individually. We have spoken out as members of political parties, as teachers, health professionals, social workers, company directors, consultants, academics, researchers; as mothers, sisters, grandparents; and as ordinary women concerned about the misogynistic and sexualised world that children are growing up in.

We have been ignored – including by politicians we have campaigned for and worked alongside. We have been dismissed as bigots and transphobes, told to educate ourselves by young men barely out of school. We have been bullied out of jobs and online groups. We have lost friends and sleep; we have been forced to deal with social media attacks, real life threats, and the distress that accompanies a gender critical awareness.

But, like Cassandra, we are speaking the truth, and we will continue to do so. Continue reading “Safeguarding children: we are all Cassandra now”

Has NHS Wales been captured by extremists?

The claim that the NHS has been captured by extremists sounds alarmist. Evidence suggests otherwise. Last week, former NHS Trust chief executive Kate Grimes outlined her concerns in an article for the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

She said:

My concerns are three-fold. First, and most importantly, Stonewall’s influence is undermining our ability to keep our patients safe. Secondly, it stifles free speech and creates a culture of fear amongst some staff. Thirdly, it gives misleading and potentially unlawful advice, opening up NHS organisations to litigation and reputational damage.

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