Mixed sex toilets in Wales’ schools – breaking the law

New and refurbished school buildings across Wales are imposing mixed sex toilet facilities on children. These toilets are not compliant with the law, and present considerable problems, particularly for girls.

Merched Cymru’s research shows that 15% of Welsh secondary schools surveyed have only mixed sex toilet provision, with many more having some or most of their provision in mixed sex blocks with shared handwashing facilities, which are not compliant with the regulations. Continue reading “Mixed sex toilets in Wales’ schools – breaking the law”

Welsh schools caught short on toilet provision

For context, I am a parent of two children at school in South Wales. One in primary school, and one at high school.

About six years ago, several things caught my attention.

One was an increased public awareness of the extent that women and girls are victims of sexual harassment and assault. Movements like ‘Me Too’ and reports in publications like the TES highlighted a culture in which girls seemed to be subjected to sexist/misogynist bullying, ‘unwanted touching’ and sexual assault in schools. It was endemic, and overwhelming. And schools seemed to accept this almost as ‘standard’. Girls of school age I knew seemed almost resigned to it. This appalled me. Continue reading “Welsh schools caught short on toilet provision”