Periods. Not just a women’s issue, but a women’s issue nonetheless.

One of Welsh Labour’s pledges in their Manifesto for the May 2021 Senedd Elections was that they would “embed period dignity in schools and expand … free period provision in communities and the private sector”.

Embedding period dignity is an awkward phrase and something that is likely to be easier said than done. But awkward language in relation to sex equality and women’s and girls’ health is nothing new for Welsh Government. Continue reading “Periods. Not just a women’s issue, but a women’s issue nonetheless.”

No sexes please. We’re Welsh.

Martha Gwion reflects on Welsh Government’s squeamishness as it ties itself in knots instead of providing accurate, clear and safe RSE guidance to schools and teachers.

Imagine a government producing guidance on developing and delivering a curriculum to teach children and young people about sex, yet neglecting to mention the words male, female, boy, girl, man or woman in that guidance.

Imagine a government announcing that they would develop a curriculum to address sexism, early sexualisation, access to pornography, sexual harassment and exploitation, and violence against women and girls, yet neglecting to mention any of those things in the statutory code.
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