Where’s the courage?

While grassroots feminist organisations, such as Women’s Place UK, Fair Play for Women and Sex Matters, have been roundly defending women’s sex-based rights, established feminist institutions have been assiduously ignoring the whole debate.

After some 100 years of women’s suffrage in the United Kingdom, an organisation named after one of the most prominent advocates for women’s right to vote – the Fawcett Society – has dug its head deep in the sand. Continue reading “Where’s the courage?”

Schools need to focus on safeguarding in RSE

Sex Matters and Transgender Trend have published new guidance for schools on how to support children with gender dysphoria and their peers, in line with the Equality Act 2010.

The guidance recognises that pupils who are experiencing gender issues, or who identify as transgender, should not be treated less favourably than their peers, but that schools should remember that such children have not actually changed sex.

It should be made clear to all in the school community that everyone is welcome and included – but it is not “transphobic” to recognise that everyone has a sex. This is crucial for equality, safeguarding and sex and relationships education.

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