Great news for lesbians over 50!

The Lesbian Reconnection programme is live!

Last week I wrote about some research into the lesbian experience during the pandemic – and showed how little real information there is about our experiences. I promised some action.

Three of us got together and won a grant from Swansea Council (good on them) for a series of events and activities during March, based on the fragmentation and isolation we documented. The programme is called Lesbian Reconnection, and it’s being run by WomanZone, which some of us will recall from Surfcamp days. Continue reading “Great news for lesbians over 50!”

Lesbian experiences of the pandemic

It’s become a cliché. We’re all in the same storm, but not all in the same boat. We know that some people have made a lot of money out of Covid, while many have got much poorer. A few had parties while we missed our families, endured sickness and bereavement, learned, or did not, to live with loneliness.

I was interested to know about the specific experiences of lesbians – that class of humans constituted of adult human females sexually attracted to other adult human females. Experience in my networks suggested that there might be some trends that were exaggerated in our community and I wondered if anyone had taken a rigorous look. Continue reading “Lesbian experiences of the pandemic”