Delilah: No forgiveness, no excuses

Jade Mills had been moving on with her life after she split up with Russell March. In August 2021, after an evening spent with her family and friends, she went to bed, apparently cheerful and optimistic for her future. March, eaten up by resentment, could not tolerate Jade’s ability to live without him. So, he killed her.

Summing up the case, at Mold County Court, the judge told March, ‘You sneaked upstairs where the victim was, not before going and telling your son that their mum had kissed another man. You had armed yourself with a knife from the kitchen before going upstairs. You wanted to make [her] suffer.’ Continue reading “Delilah: No forgiveness, no excuses”

Sex matters in sport!

The Welsh government wants to ensure LGBT people benefit from sport. We agree. Sport can make you feel good. It can help you stay healthy, physically and mentally. A lucky few can earn a good living through sport. But women are still massively under-represented. Teenage girls drop out at three times the rate of teenage boys. Professional women’s sport lags way behind men’s, with only a fraction of the sponsorship and earning power. Many sports bodies have explicit policies to attract, welcome and retain females in their sport, but there’s a long way to go. Continue reading “Sex matters in sport!”

Women’s rugby and the RFU decision

Ball, Rugby, Field, Grass, Rugby Ball, Sport, PlayWe are dismayed and perplexed by the Rugby Football Union’s (RFU) decision to ignore scientific evidence and allow transwomen to compete in women’s club rugby in England.

World Rugby’s recent decision to prevent transwomen competing at elite level in the women’s game was based on detailed research and evidence of the increased risk of serious physical injury to women.

Research shows that even if transwomen lower their testosterone to the recommended level, they retain the physical advantages that going through male puberty confers. Continue reading “Women’s rugby and the RFU decision”