All charges dropped against disabled ‘sticker woman’ – along with our trust in Gwent Police

Merched Cymru, Women’s Rights Network Wales, LGB Alliance Cymru, Labour Women’s Declaration and the Women’s Declaration International are very pleased to announce that Jennifer Swayne will face no charges as a result of her arrest for placing stickers promoting women’s rights concerns around Newport.

Jen was arrested on January 23 and was due to answer her bail on April 11, after it had been extended on two previous occasions. Our groups have been supporting her during this time. Continue reading “All charges dropped against disabled ‘sticker woman’ – along with our trust in Gwent Police”

Welsh women won’t wheesht

Rallying for Jen, justice and free speech!

On Sunday 23rd January Jennifer Swayne (Jen) was arrested and charged with aggravated public disorder. Jen was posting stickers in Newport. Stickers opposing sex-based violence, stating that three women a week are killed by men in the UK –truth. Stickers asserting women’s biology, and that humans cannot change sex – truth. Stickers calling for women’s single-sex safe spaces to be protected – currently they are not.

Jen, who is disabled and uses a mobility scooter, was held in Newport police station for over 10 hours. Her phone was seized and, during a later search of her home, more stickers and a book (a collection of academic essays) were also seized. Continue reading “Welsh women won’t wheesht”