Justice for Women

Jennifer Swayne was putting up stickers asserting women’s biology and opposing sex-based violence. She is disabled and uses a mobility scooter. On 23 January 2022 she was arrested by Gwent Police Officers, kept in Newport station for over 10 hours and her phone seized.  They also searched her house, seizing more stickers and a book.

Arresting Jen and keeping her in custody was completely disproportionate to any allegation. Silencing women is more important to the police than our rights to dignity, safety and opinions. We uphold women’s rights to freedom of speech, thought and assembly.

We call on the police to

  • Cease their investigation of Jen and return her property immediately;
  • Engage formally at a senior level with women’s groups to hear our concerns around current policing practice;
  • Commit to provide training to officers with input from women’s groups



This rally is supported by Merched Cymru and partner organisations:

Women’s Rights Network

LGB Alliance Cymru

Labour Women’s Declaration

Women’s Declaration International