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Cass Review to be debated in Wales: Take action!

Today the Nation reported:

The Welsh Government will face a vote this week on whether to accept the recommendations of a landmark report which found that NHS gender care for children has been based on weak evidence.

The Cass Review into NHS England gender identity services for children and young people was published last month.

It concluded that children who are confused about their gender have been let down” by a lack of research and evidence.

Research by the University of York, carried out alongside the report, found evidence to be severely lacking on the impact of puberty blockers and hormone treatments, while the majority of clinical guidelines were found not to have followed international standards.

The debate will take place on Wednesday, 1st May.

Merched Cymru is asking you to contact your representatives in the Senedd. This could be the most significant opportunity to make a difference and ensure that young people in Wales are protected from unnecessary medical interventions.

Contact your Senedd Members today

Remember, you have FIVE Senedd Members. You can contact them all. If you don't know who they are, look them up here.

Three actions

  • Ask your Senedd Members to prioritise the health and well-being of children in Wales above party politics
  • Ask your Senedd Members to recommend that the Cass Review recommendations are followed in full in Wales
  • Make sure your Senedd Members are aware of the Cass Review and why it is important. You might recommend some additional reading such as

The Cass review of gender identity services marks a return to reason and evidence – it must be defended - David Bell in the Guardian

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