Please write to your Members of the Senedd NOW!


Back in July we asked our members and supporters to respond to the Welsh Government’s Consultation on the new Relationships and Sexuality Education Guidance and Code. RSE will be mandatory in schools under the new Curriculum for Wales. We’re supportive of high quality, safe, inclusive Relationship and Sex Education but had many concerns about the Code and Guidance.


A revised RSE Code will go before the Senedd for approval on Tuesday 14 December. It’s much improved and doesn’t include the ideological and unscientific glossary of terms that caused such concern a few months ago.  But…

  • Welsh Government haven’t published a proper analysis of the 866 consultation responses.  The summary report implies that those who objected simply misunderstood. 
  • They haven’t published the Guidance that goes with the Code. 
  • That means its unclear whether the elements we objected to - like the glossary - have been removed permanently, or whether they’ve simply been moved from the RSE Code (which needs Senedd approval) to the Guidance (which does not).
  • And, the Code doesn’t include the kind of safeguards children and young people in England have under the DfE Guidance.

It’s just not good enough.

What we want you to do

Please write to your Members of the Senedd (or to all of them if you’re an organisation) outlining your concerns.  Use your own words and any relevant professional or personal experience as it will be more effective. You can find out more about our concerns from the RSE section of the Merched Cymru website, download our Senedd Briefing on RSE or read a Guest Blog on the issue.


How do I find out who my Members of the Senedd are?

Everyone in Wales has FIVE MSs: one for their parliamentary constituency and four more from the Regional List. You can find out who they are here.


What if I’m short of time?

Write a brief email saying that you know that Merched Cymru has written to all Members of the Senedd about their concerns with the RSE Code and the process of scrutinising the RSE Guidance and Code, and that you share those concerns.  You could also attach the Merched Cymru Senedd Briefing to your email, or your own response to the original RSE Consultation if you’re happy to share it. 


A short email is better than nothing at all, so please don’t forget or delay. The sooner an MS receives your email the better. 


Thank you / Diolch yn fawr

Merched Cymru

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