Call to action: Support Swansea feminists

As part of our continued support for Swansea University’s Feminist Society (please see blog dated Jan 15th for full details), we urge as many of you as possible to send letters to the University’s Vice Chancellor, Student Union’s CEO, Student Union’s President and Students’ Union Student Voice Coordinator.

If you are short on time, these letters can be the same for all of them. We want VOLUME. We want to show the University that women’s feminist voices will not be silenced, curtailed or banned.

If you are or have been a student (of Swansea Uni or other), work in academia or are involved in University life in any other way then please make this point.

We can help

Your letter can be short and to the point. Try and include some of the following:

To the University VC

  • Damage to the University’s reputation
  • University’s legal obligations to its students
  • Safety on campus
  • Forstater vs CGD Ruling which made gender critical beliefs lawful under the Equality Act 2010
  • Lessons from the recent hounding of Professor Kathleen Stock for her gender critical views at the University of Sussex
  • As outlined in the Education (No. 2) Act 1986, Section 43(1) there is a duty on all Universities to ensure that “freedom of speech within the law is secured for members, students, and employees of the establishment”
  • Uphold its own ‘Freedom of Speech Code of Practice’
  • Sanctions against particular students (esp Lowri Davies) who are spearheading and encouraging the harassment against Abigail.

Students’ Union Staff

As above plus:

  • The Union’s motto is ‘Ensuring Student Voices Are Heard’ and ‘Every single Swansea University student has always had a voice through us’. Why isn’t this applying in this case?
  • Articles of Governance states that you are run by students.
  • The Articles of Governance does not state ‘sex’ as one of its equalities characteristics but ‘gender’. This is an unfortunate error and clearly mirrors the respect afforded to female voices.
  • Equality is a core tenet of the Union but how is this to be established if one of its key societies is silenced and threatened for stating the reality of the lives of its female students?

Please email your letters to:

VC Professor Paul Boyle (c/o)
[email protected]

CEO Students’ Union Minkesh Sood
[email protected]

Lead Student Voice Coordinator Geri Smits
[email protected]

President Students’ Union Katie Phillips
[email protected]

The Feminist Society is extremely grateful for all the support that she is receiving from women, organisations and individuals. Let’s show them what we can really do!